Steel Furniture 金属家具

- 开启包装前请注意包装箱上的开启说明,小心打开包装,避免用力伤及产品;

- 安装前仔细阅读安装说明;

- 清洁时请使用表面光洁的干布擦拭;

- 避免使用油性助剂;

- 避免阳光直接的照射;

- 避免用尖锐物品划伤产品。

- Wipe up spills immediately using a clean dry cloth. 

- Avoid use of steel wool or scouring pads. We suggest using soft cloths and plastic scouring pads such as Scotch‐Bright© pads. Scrub lightly in the direction of the polishing marks or “Grain.” 

- Do not use bleach or any detergent containing sulphuric or hydrochloric acid. Use only detergents or cleaners specifically recommended for steel. 

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