Salvage Wood Furniture 再生木制产品

- 开启包装前请注意包装箱上的开启说明,小心打开包装,避免用力伤及产品;

- 安装前仔细阅读安装说明;

- 轻微的瑕疵是正常的情况,沉淀着历史,是我们引以为傲的设计,不影响使用;

- 清洁时请使用表面光洁的干布擦拭,亦可用软布结合普通清洁助剂擦拭;

- 避免使用油性助剂;

- 避免阳光直接的照射;

- 避免将塑料及橡胶产品置于家具产品之上,一旦融化将影响家具表面的机理;

- 个别瑕疵,可用砂纸轻微打磨即可;

- 不要将产品置于过热或者空调附件,这将导致产品因热和干燥导致变形;

- 如果冬天室内干燥,一定要配合加湿器使用。

- This product is natural wood and untreated or coated with a protective finish. 

- Wash with mild soap and water after each use. 

- Lightly sand stains with #320 or above sandpaper or rub with a mild diluted bleach solution. 

- Do not use any acidic or high alkaline based cleaners. 

- Mineral oil can be applied and will help avoid staining but may alter the color of the wood. 

- Slight cracks are normal and part of the beauty of the product. 

- To diminish splinters, sand occasionally using #320 or above sandpaper. 

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