Important 重要提示

- 不要将产品置于过热区域或者空调附近,这将导致产品因过热和干燥导致变形;

- 不要坐在沙发的扶手处,这将导致减少产品的寿命;

- 光源会使得产品看上去有色差,不影响使用。牢记强阳光照射会使产品变色;

- 如果发现线头,请不要用力拉出,这将加重产品损坏,建议使用线头剪清理线头;

- 家具产品厚重,在安装时一定小心翼翼,让孩子远离安装现场。

- Do not place your furniture too close to direct heat or air conditioning. It can cause joints to dry out, squeaks and creaks to develop. 

- Do not sit on the arms or allow children to jump on your furniture. It will shorten the life span of your furniture significantly. 

- Remember light affects the colour of fabrics and leather. Over exposure to sunlight will cause your furniture to fade. 

- Don’t pull loose threads as you could cause a hole. Trim off neatly with sharp scissors. 

- Open and close recliner mechanisms with care. Ensure small children do not swing on them or operate incorrectly 

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