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[Brilliant inspiration] Timelessdeco new flagship store opens in Beijing



Timelessdeco has opened a new flagship store in Beijing following his high design standards of quality and classic and romantic styles. Customers will love the high-quality furniture and the unique service experience.


Timelessdeco comes again with new winds for interior designers. The new Timelessdeco store brings more exciting and rich inspirations to the city.



Since the establishment of Timelessdeco in 2006, almost 10 years ago, the company has matured and expanded around the country. Thanks to our customer's attention and support we excel in quality and design.



Timelessdeco showroom is located inside the Beijing Fashion and Technology University, just next to Tucheng Park. The new exhibition hall has an overall area of aproximately 300 square meters. The new redecoration has been done following a comprehensive brand strategy and in order to offer customers a new level of retail experience. 



During the building process every detail has been taken into consideration. Each color has been carefully decided and all furniture has been delicately crafted. 



Timelessdeco exhibition hall has been completely renovated. Not only the consistently high quality furniture has been upgraded, but also the romantic and fashion brand environment has improved, so our customers has more chances to appreciate our quality lifestyle furniture and the different home styles.


The new exhibition hall has been built around the customer's home experience. All services and professional services are integrated to offer each customer the most successful retail experience. At the product level, the customer can find all the classic brands and also new product series that has been opened thanks to a new international direct purchase channel.






The new Timelessdeco exhibition continues to showcase all classic and stylist designs from Europe and US, from the pure British irreverent style of Halo to the high-end US style of Restoration Hardware, making a stop at French nature lifestyle Bleu Nature and the bold and adventurous style of Dutch Authentic Models. Overall, more than hundred pieces displayed that provide customers with a better choice.







With the launch of the new showroom Timelessdeco will provide a more detailed and comprehensive customer service to meet the growing demand for exclusive products. Not only the United States direct purchase channel, but also new brands such as LORTS, HARDEN, COUNCILL and other 40 American high-end brands will be available to purchase. Customers can save up to 50% on their purchases.





Our aim has been always to provide customers with the best quality products, but also with the most refined and inspirational trends from all over the world. Hence, after 10 years decorating the most exclusive hotels, villas and clubs with have set up a new benchmark, to provide customer with a comprehensive home solution that covers all aspects.



Our focus is on quality lifestyle, classic timeless designs, bright colors and unique furniture that offers inspiration and exclusive home designs.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 - 18:00 / Weekends 10:00 - 18:00

Address: No. 101, BIFTPARK, Beijing Fashion and Technology University, Yinghua East Rd, No. 2, Chaoyang Beijing China 100029

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