Greatain is an award winning British furniture company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design.


The original idea behind Greatain was based on the reinterpretation of British antique furniture and decorative objects, with care for a perfect blend between past and present. This concept constitutes the essence in all Greatain collections ever since and has been the base for the brand’s international development.

Operating from our headquarters in London, we supply interior products to thousands of customers worldwide. The collection finds its way to luxurious interiors in over 30 countries.


Nowadays Greatain is a flourishing international brand that gathers an experienced team of professionals ensuring innovation and development and a growing international presence. In the search for a complete and complementary design story, lighting and eye-catching accesories became important additions to the furniture collections that now encompass home furnishing and lifestyle products ranging from interior accessories and furniture to custom-made solutions.


Timothy Oulton- founder and Creative Director of his eponymous brand, is a master of reinvention and a pioneer of design. The guiding philosophy behind Timothy Oulton is simple: to be best in class. 


Drawing inspiration from the automation and aviation industries Yeung brings an element of the surreal to his designs. Fragmented, spacial geometry and bold fluid forms characterize Yeungs remarkable designs. Each piece is designed to be visually appealing from every angle. And comfort and functionality is an integral part of every Michael Yeungs design, making each piece a functional piece of art.


Our collection represents four centuries of science, discovery and adventure. A small travel compass from the Victorian era. A classic room key from stately Grand Hotel of the Belle Époque. Campaign furniture. A unique collection of flight, nautical and speed models. The best in the industry. Eclectic and fun.


HALO EST 1976 is the essence of the English interior. We mean not luxury of aristocratic castles, but the comfort of classic British homes. English reticence is expressed by simplicity of lines, while tradition nature is provided by the choice of materials. This collection combines famous British oak and high quality genuine leather, which does not lose its natural structure, in spite of the complex multi-processing. By the way, the leather is tanned with only natural oils and waxes. The range of leather upholstery and variety of models allow placing of Halo Est. 1976 furniture in every modern interior.


Founded in 1995, Bleu Nature came of Frank Lefebvre’s unique vision for driftwood. His passion is to breathe new life into driftwood, to combine it with other material like pebbles, lacquered wood, lacquered metal, leather, skins or acrylic glass.