Represents four centuries of science, discovery and adventure.


We are proud of being the world’s prop store. A flight and travel statement in the windows of one of the world’s most exclusive boutiques on the Champs Elysées. Models and furniture in the latest Hollywood movies. Restaurants and boutique-style hotel rooms decorated with AM creations, lamps and furniture. AM themed accessories and furniture stores from Bogota to Bangkok and Bahrain.

Our collection represents four centuries of science, discovery and adventure. A small travel compass from the Victorian era. A classic room key from stately Grand Hotel of the Belle Époque. Campaign furniture. A unique collection of flight, nautical and speed models. The best in the industry. Eclectic and fun.

Maps, furniture, lighting, artifacts. For retail boutiques, internet sales and for the hospitality industry. Made with love and care. Our creations come complete with stories. A WWII Spitfire, a Cabinet, a War Chest, a Solitaire Game. Contrary to most, our creations have proven to increase in value over time. A 47-year record now in 2015.