The St. Regis Lijiang Resort Club

Case introduced

‘Recovery’ is the keyword at  the St. Regis Lijiang resort . The place is perfect for relaxing and renewing your body and mind.  Come and breathe the air from the mountains and fill your body with the purity of the outside air.  Wake up with the sunlight and renew your energy.


In order to create a relaxation environment Timelessdeco conducted a research on the environment. The Halo furniture in combination with interior design reflects the Zen atmosphere of the nature surrounding the resort.  Everything at the St. Regis Lijiang has been designed to create a meditation environment.



More than a luxury environment, the St. Regis Lijiang private club allows every guess to enjoy the Yulong Snow Mountain. The luxury is to appreciate the live the moment and appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. 


Timelessdeco designs successfully combined the beauty of the nature with a delicate interior design. All the expectations were surpassed in order to create an unparalleled experience of comfort and peace.