New designs of daring; authentic handcraftsmanship

Timothy Oulton

Branded after our Founder and Creative Director Timothy Oulton, the Timothy Oulton brand was launched globally in 2008 and the first Timothy Oulton store was opened in August 2008 in HD Buttercup, Los Angeles.  Timothy Oulton features new designs of daring, authentic handcraftsmanship. Now with more than 30 stores worldwide, Timothy Oulton has a presence in some of the world’s great cities, including London, Moscow, Sydney, Tokyo, Amsterdam and Beirut, alongside established stores in Dallas, New York and Los Angeles.

Timothy Oulton’s unique style continues to evolve. Years of scanning flea markets for the most one-off pieces uncovered an instinct for identifying beautiful creations. His deep and broad experience in the trade, working for his father’s antique business, honed his appreciation for the cleverest design, quality materials and the best hand craftsmanship. Timothy Oulton’s style is about balancing a respect for the old with a healthy streak of innovation. The furniture is not precious and certainly not for show – it’s designed to be used, and to become better with use. Worn in, lived in. Tim’s work plays with tradition, looks at the classics with modern eyes, and produces something fresh and exciting. Timothy Oulton, the brand, offers products designed and made using a number of natural materials, authentic handcraftsmanship and traditional fabrication techniques.  It seeks to combine pieces into a distinctive and unique look that appeals to the discerning buyer of high quality furniture.